Our People

We approach each investment as owners.

The experience of the Avante Logixx management team is one of its biggest assets. Guided by a seasoned Board of Directors, the management team has created a disciplined and consistent approach to sourcing, evaluating, managing and creating value for its investments. The team is significantly invested in each of our portfolio companies and approaches each business as shareholders.


Craig Campbell


Scott Goodman

Chief of People and Legal Affairs

Steve Rotz

Chief Financial Officer

Marc Henley

Director, Corporate Development

Jessica Smith

Executive Assistant

Board of Directors

Sam Duboc

Chair/Board Member

Craig Campbell

Board Member

James Joseph Leeder

Board Member

Stewart Lyons

Board Member

Carol Osler

Board Member

Andrea Fiederer

Board Member

Jean Pierre Taillon

Strategic Advisor


We are focused on building a broad portfolio of complimentary security businesses to accelerate growth and provide our clients and shareholders with exceptional returns.


A leader in active ownership, the Avante team begins supporting the drive for rapid returns immediately post-closing by developing a strategic roadmap, helping to align management with critical priorities, and directing focused initiatives.